Chris Evans - CEO and president

Leshawn johnson - Vice President and indiana regional/youth

Kirby easley - MIchigan regional director

andrew griffin - indiana high school director

scott bivens - travel flag football director

marvin fox jr - basketball director

renee britton - michigan communcation coordnatior

Meet Renee Britton, she has been with the CE Stars organization for the last 2 years. Renee has been the Team Mom Manager from the start and is now Communications Coordinator for Michigan's CE Stars 7 v 7 Football Team. Being a Team Mom is nothing new as she’s had the role for 13 years and as a soccer mom who now has a daughter in college who plays the sport of her dreams. Renee was born and raised in the city of Detroit. She is a proud mother of 4 -- 2 daughters who are in college and 2 sons who are in the program. Graduated from Marygrove College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She brings to the table hard work and a disciplined work ethic that helps the organization strive for success that they build towards all season. 

joy redmon - indiana communcation coordnatior

kevin bryant - media director

Kevin, a Sales veteran of Fortune 500 Advertising and Sports brands, Mr. Bryant has built a solid foundation of corporate clients over his 20 year professional career. A former athlete, Mr. Bryant has a long record of successfully guiding sales teams in Print, Radio and Television, Financial Services, Transportation and Logistics industries. A Sandler Sales disciple he specializes in relationship building and implementation of branding campaigns. He studied Business Management at Eastern Michigan University before completing his Television Broadcasting degree from Specs School of Broadcasting and Arts, Southfield Michigan 2001. Since 2009, Mr. Bryant has been a mainstay on Ann Arbor Community

Access Television Network as On-Air Talent and producer of local sport documentaries. In 2015, Mr. Bryant launched Sports Production Services, a sports filming and video services company in Ann Arbor Michigan.

emily bohn - fundraiser and event coordinator

amanda stauffers - graphic design


 Amanda Stauffer is an art director with over 20 years of experience in various design and creative roles. She has a degree in advertising design and has been a designer for Victoria’s Secret as well as an art director on many automotive marketing campaigns for the last 15 years.